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Five Rings Series - Void Dogi White for Women
Five Rings Series - Void Dogi White for Women
Five Rings Series - Void Dogi White for Women
Five Rings Series - Void Dogi White for Women
Five Rings Series - Void Dogi White for Women
Five Rings Series - Void Dogi White for Women
Five Rings Series - Void Dogi White for Women
Five Rings Series - Void Dogi White for Women
Five Rings Series - Void Dogi White for Women
Five Rings Series - Void Dogi White for Women
Five Rings Series - Void Dogi White for Women
Five Rings Series - Void Dogi White for Women
Five Rings Series - Void Dogi White for Women
Five Rings Series - Void Dogi White for Women

Five Rings Series - Void Dogi White for Women

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“What is the Void? The Void isn’t “is”, the void is “isn’t”. The void is not you and I, the void is not the earth or the stars, the void is nothing at all, yet it encompasses everything that we were, that we are and that we will ever be” Akira Morimoto. 

The fifth and last element for the 5 Rings Collection inspired by the legendary Book of Void by Musashi Miyamoto is finally here!

There are levels to this game. When fighting the mind can’t be focused on one single spot. If our focus is in the hands, our legs will be weak, if we focus on the legs, our neck will be exposed. Through rigorous training and practice, the warrior must transcend technique, and become one with the art form. Don’t be like water, be the water. In the 5th and last book, Musashi Miyamoto the legendary swordsman & philosopher explores the hard to define concept of Mushin, of no mind. He sees the warrior transcending his own physical form, forgetting his own sense of self to embrace a birds eye and timeless view of all. It is here, from this new height that one can see and understand all of reality, and unerstand truth. 

Inspired by the code of honor and morals developed by the Japanese Samurai we have developed a light but sturdy everyday Gi perfect for training and competition - A 395gsm Pearl Weave top is coupled with lightweight reinforced 10oz Ripstop Cotton pants - We have worked tirelessly on the fit, to make both top and bottom extremely comfortable to wear.  

The internal shoulder panel is fully sublimated with an intricate Half Sumo Irezumi style artwork. To keep up with the concept of Musashi’s Void we have included in the panel many references to the Collective Unconscious and modern elements of ultra dimensionality.

The large center screened print represents a samurai in the lotus pose, meditating under a waterfall. 
The print will fade with time, giving the kimono a gritty vintage look.

A hand printed haiku poem by Matsuo Basho is screen printed on the inside of the jacket "Some People Will Cross, The Mountain Pass, Even Though,The Morning Snow"
Various high definition patches, embroideries and prints decorate the outer part of the jacket and pants.

The Gi bag that comes with this Gi is not your usual run of the mill Gi bag, This is a fully sublimated high quality Gi bag, made of heavy duty Nylon, almost twice the weight of regular Gi bags, and can double as an everyday bag for all your daily activities or even hiking.  BTW the bag is fully machine washable so you can just throw it in the wash along with the GI, and have a fresh clean bag after every roll!

The GI fits like a modern tapered GI - It is pre-shrunk, but please allow for an additional 3% to 4% natural fabric shrinkage after the first few washes.

 This listing is for the Women’s fit. 

We recommend the following sizes based on your height/weight

F1 will best fit an athlete 5'0" - 5'4" in height
F2 will best fit an athlete 5'3" - 5'6" in height
F3 will best fit an athlete 5'5" - 5'8"  in height
F4 will best fit an athlete 5'7" - 5'11" in height

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