1/2 Sumo x Grapple Club

We've teamed up with UK based The Grapple Club to produce this unique fully sublimated "Join The Club" rashguard.

About The Grapple Club - TGC is the premium UK site dedicated to exploring grappling culture in both short and long form articles. They boast a large following on social media, and are the preferred destination of many practitioners for BJJ and Grappling news in general.

About Half Sumo - If you are here, there is no need to say more :)

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Hard hitting like power chords coming from a heavy metal guitar
yet sharp like the cold steel blade of a Katana comes the KIICHI collection.
Bond between Brooklyn based fightwear 1/2 Sumo and heavy hitting rock legend,
and life long martial artist Matt "Kiichi Chaos" Heafy of acclaimed heavy metal band
Trivium. Homage to the sharp edge of the budo path.

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