United We Stand

2020 has been such an unpredictable year which has flipped the martial arts world on its head. In the midst of all this chaos we decided to lend a hand to the many academies in need, and so the United We Stand initiative was born: we created team rashguards for each academy who asked for our help donating 100% of the profit to them. 

Through your generous support we were able to raise thousands of dollars to benefit martial art academies all over the world. From Brazil to Germany, from Japan to China, many athletes have received a limited edition Half Sumo rashguard.

Thank for your patience and for supporting 100% this noble cause.
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Hard hitting like power chords coming from a heavy metal guitar
yet sharp like the cold steel blade of a Katana comes the KIICHI collection.
Bond between Brooklyn based fightwear 1/2 Sumo and heavy hitting rock legend,
and life long martial artist Matt "Kiichi Chaos" Heafy of acclaimed heavy metal band
Trivium. Homage to the sharp edge of the budo path.

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